Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Barhi Date can be easily cultivated in most part of Bangladesh. No significant disease and insects’ problem. One of the highest income generating crop. Income starts from 3rd year and reach peak Tk. 20-30 lakhs/ acre within 6th– 7th. Continues for long time 30-40 years. Yield per tree 200 kg within 6-7th

Retail price Tk. 1000/ kg.

Can be eaten as yellow unripen stage. Can be preserved for long time. It can be a very good export item. Due to seasonal variation in different countries, it can be harvested 1, 2, or 3 months. before harvest of India, Pakistan or middle eastern countries. So, it can be exported to other date producing countries for this reason. We assist our customers in date palm cultivation in Bangladesh by providing seedlings and proper cultivation guidelines.