Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Rooftop gardens are man-made green spaces on the topmost levels of industrial, commercial, and residential structures. They may be designed to grow produce, provide play space, give shade and shelter, or simply be there as a living, green area. Two main divisions of garden types exist: extensive and intensive. Extensive gardens require minimal maintenance and behave as another form of roofing material. They are not intended for heavy foot traffic nor do they need to meet any additional safety standards.

The other extreme includes intensive gardens created with the intent of active human use. These gardens require landscaping and regular upkeep. In some cases, the roof structure must be reinforced through the addition of decking or additional bracing to accommodate the combined weight of soil, plants, and precipitation. Furthermore, intensive gardens may also need to comply with safety regulations regarding decks and public areas on raised structures. These regulations may require some kind of fencing or barrier to be installed with the intent of preventing people from slipping over the edge of the roofline.

We offer many services including designing, construction, maintenance and installation of your rooftop garden. We can make sure to turn your rooftop into a lovely garden. We have many types of plants on offer including cactus, bonsai, fruit, vegetable, ornamental & many others.