Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Dr. Md. Rustom Ali, born and brought in the Kaligonj, upozila under Jhenidah district, Bangladesh. After completing his B. Sc, Ag from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), joined Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) as an agricultural researcher. In the year 1983 he completed M. Sc. Ag from IPSA on deputation. Then he went to Japan for his higher studies, and got Ph.D from Saga University in 1997. As a Monbusho scholar during his Ph D. research he worked on the Ufra disease of rice caused by nematode, Ditylenchus Angustus. After returning to Bangladesh, he again visited Japan for another two years as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS) Post-doctoral fellow and researcher. During two years of post doctoral research he worked on molecular biology of nematodes.

After returning to Bangladesh he actively worked as researcher in the Plant Pathology Department of BARI. Then completed a government funded Research Project named, Strengthening Plant Pathological Laboratories and Researches in Bangladesh, under this project Plant Pathology Labratories at BARI HQ and all the Regional Research Stations were upgraded with new structures and sufficient laboratory equipment’s.

In the year 2011 he voluntarily retired from BARI service to become an independent entrepreneur. Just after returning from Japan in the year 1999, he invested his savings from Japan on the poultry business with some friends, to produce day old broiler chicks, in a company named Universal Poultry Hatcheries Ltd., now it is running as a good business venture at Kaligonj, Jhenidah.

At present he is actively engaged in “Commercialization of Agriculture in Bangladesh or Crop Production as BUSINESS” by introducing new types of high value crash crops in Bangladesh to help people become rich fast. The climates of Bangladesh very much suitable for many many crops, including almost all fruits, spices, and many other crops. But due to lack of information and nonavailability of planting materials of these crops, nobody is cultivating these crops. But these crops like, Dragon fruits, Avocado, special varieties Date palm, Rambutan, Hybrid coconut, Sweet grape, Black pepper, Coffee, Cashew nut and many others can be very easily and profitably cultivated in almost all areas in Bangladesh. Now he is trying to introduce these new crops in Bangladesh, and motivating peoples to grow these crops as business. 

He is also trying to grow crops by protected cultures by introducing naturally ventilated greenhouse. Crops like Flowers (like Gerbera, Dutch rose, Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Scented lilies), Salad crops (like Cherry tomatoes, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Special Cucumber, Lettuce, and many others), and Different melons (Like Cantaloupe, Netted melons, Muskmelon) can be grown in these house year round profitably. He is also trying to mass-produce crops for industrial purposes, trying to popularize tissue culture banana production.

He already succeeded to introduce few high value new crops and convince people to grow it commercially, like Dragon fruit, Hybrid coconut, Rambutan, Date palm. Very soon he is going to introduce very good seedlings of Avocado, Longan, Seedless and Red Flesh Guava, Black pepper, to grow commercially.