Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Agriculture is predominantly subsistence in nature; farmers mainly produce their agricultural products only to sustain their livelihood, never for commercial purpose. They cultivate only traditional crops in traditional ways, so their income is very much low, as a result their consumption is also very much low. But in developed countries crop production is a profitable business. Farmers invest high, production is high, as a result return also very high, so their consumption is also very high. In recent years farmers in the country like Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand also produce crop as a business, in these countries, anybody produce any crops, only for commercial purpose. In Bangladesh farmers are poor, they have no ideas of modern agriculture, modern profitable new crops, and due to lack of sufficient fund, they cannot invest for the new crops, that demand initial high investment. As there is no government initiative in these regards, farmers are unable to get the benefit of the modern new crops, new information and new technologies.But now a day there is much scope to expedite farmer’s income, to enhance nutritional requirement of the people, by cultivating new crops, following new technologies. Zishan Corporation and Zishan Agro will help the farmers/ growers in cultivating these new crops, which are already proved to be successfully cultivated in our agro climatic conditions by various researchers, and private/ individual growers.Zishan Agro will produce and import all the seeds and planting materials of nontraditional crops for which bangladesh climates are most suitable but due to lack of information and planting materials, these crops are still unknown to most people.Crops like Date palm, Avocado, Thai guava, Rambutan, Pulasan, Longan, Passion fruit, Hybrid coconut (starts fruiting within 2-3 years), Dragon fruit, Loquat, Litchi (seedless), Sweet mango but either very early or late season varieties, Sweet Tamarind, Durian, Mangosteen, very tasty and high yielding new varieties of Jack fruit from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, New fruits like Jackfruit but very tasty and small in size called Marang and Chambadak from Malaysia and Indonesia, respectively. The company will try to introduce very profitable and nutritious crops like sweet corn, asparagus, different melon other than watermelon, like muskmelon, cantaloupe, netted melon by motivating farmers. Our climate and soils are very much suitable for these tasty high value cash crops but nobody is growing these important crops. The company will explore the possibilities of cultivating high value cash crops like Coffee, Cardamom, Cocoa, Black peppers, nutmeg and Peppers, in different parts of the country, like Sylhet and Panchagarh tea growing belt, Chittagong, Cox’s bazaar and Teknaf areas. These areas are very much similar to Kerala state of India and Sri Lanka, where these crops are growing successfully. Black pepper cultivation is highly profitable; from one acre of land 1.5 to 2 tons of processed dry black pepper can be obtained. In the international market, prices of black pepper is very much high, 8-9000 US $/ ton. So, from one acre of land 10-12 lakhs tk. can be earned per year easily. Once established with high initial cost, it can give very high return for for two decades.The crops which can be cultivated very much easily here in large quantities, after fulfilling local demand, can be exported in many countries, which are now being imported. Sweet corn can be produced almost year round, in any parts of the country, except rainy season, the yield and quality of crops grown here are much better, But now these products are being imported from Thailand. All the Chinese restaurant and people using this imported product for corn soup and for other purposes. Income from processing sweet corn is enormous, say one acre sweet corn within 75 days produce 35000 cobs. From these cobs after processing final canned product or kernels will be about 5-6 tons. In the local market the prices are Tk. 500,000/. We are one of the leading Agro farms in Bangladesh. We grant support to practice agriculture as a business, commercial cultivation of crops, greenhouse or protected cultivation of crops, seedlings of fruits or crops in Bangladesh. We also assist our customers in Dragon fruit, Avocado, Date palm, Oranges, Citrus, Coffee cultivation in Bangladesh.

Our Activities

Introducing seeds, seedlings, cuttings, grafting and tissue culture seedlings of new crops, which are already proved to be successfully cultivated here by researchers, farmers, and individual growers but seedlings are not available.

Convince interested farmers/ growers/ groups to cultivate these crops, provide technological supports.

Produce Multiply seeds, seedlings, cuttings locally for marketing to the interested growers.

Import tissue culture seedlings of DATE PALM from India and many other countries for commercial cultivation and seedling marketing. Import other tissue culture seedlings like fruits, ornamental and medicinal plants.

Import special readymade seedlings of Rambutan, pulasan, cashew nuts, and many other which will start bearing fruits earlier than seedlings grown from seeds. Import Mangosteen, Avocado, Longan, Alubokhara, grafted seedlings which willstartfruiting very early (3-4 yrs.)