Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Zishan Corporation Ltd.

Our main aim is to popularize commercial cultivation of high value exotic crops in Bangladesh. We produce high quality seeds, seedlings and modern cultivation materials to optimize profit and emphasize on ecological farming. We make sure our customers get the complete package to establish a successful business venture through proper guidance, after service care, processing equipment & product marketing.

Our Services at a Glance:

●     Assist in land selection and preparation.
●     Supplying improved seeds and seedlings from both local & abroad.
●     All kinds of technical training to workers and employees.
●     Guidelines on planting seedlings, fertilizers, irrigation, insects or diseases suppression.
●     Assist in processing and marketing of crops after harvesting.
●     Assist in exporting products for certain goods.
●     Arrange visits at large companies in China, Vietnam, India for traders interested in extensive commercial agriculture.

To know about the cost and profits of commercial cultivation of high valuable crops, download our "Cost-Benefits Analysis".